Manila, July 2-21, 2008


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Letter from Manila

Report - 1

PHI – SCJ Pastoral Convention in Manila

“Pastors with Compassionate Heart”

Since July 2nd, 2008 have been gathering 42 SCJ confreres who come from 13 different entities and 13 nationalities in Metro Manila, in Old Seminary of the Congregation CICM, to participate in SCJ Pastoral Convention.

The theme of the convention is “Pastors with Compassionate Heart”. This convention is inspired by the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) that can be the inspiration of our SCJ pastoral work. As SCJs, the strength of our work should be the same heart that moved the Good Samaritan to help the person who was a stranger to him. Like him, we are challenged, in our diversities, to be united in reaching out to people, transcending the boundaries of race, beliefs, and culture.

The general objective of the convention is to reflect, to pray, and to discover new insights, new ways, and new enthusiasm in our Dehonian parish work; while the specific objectives are: a) To feel “how wonderful it is to live together in harmony” as SCJ pastors, b) To share pastoral experiences; c) To learn from the Church in different realities; d) To deepen the sources of our spirituality and pastoral work; e) To pay special attention to the liturgy and prayer as foundation of our mission; and f) To elaborate inspirational/illuminative guidelines for Dehonians working in parishes.

Three steps will be done during this three-week convention: 1) to see realities where SCJs are involved in the pastoral; 2) to find the enlightenment for the renewal; and 3) to discover new spirit and ways toward actions. At the end of this convention, they intend to share with whole the Congregation the richness that they have been experiencing in a “Letter from Manila” .

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