Manila, July 2-21, 2008


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PHI – SCJ Pastoral Convention in Manila

Second part of the Convention

After having recognized together the realities of our pastoral situations at the first part and the realities of the Church – especially in Asia – with its challenges and its mission, the second part of the Convention is entitled the “Enlightenment”.

During the second part of the Convention, the participants were helped by two speakers: Bishop Teodoro Bacani, Jr and Fr. Heinrich Lau, SCJ.

Bishop Bacani spoke about “Parish Pastoral work in the documents of the Church and in the Bible”. He reminded us the image of pastors according to the Vatican II and other recent pontifical documents; while Fr. Lau tried to draw from richness of our Congregation regarding “the Priesthood according to Fr. Leo Dehon”.

At the end of this part the participants were invited to draw a picture of what our SCJ Parish should look like. Some interesting points that will appear in the “Letter from Manila” came up:

“If you live in an SCJ Parish, it should look like this:

•  The SCJ Community will be visible … a group of brothers living dehonian spirituality which will be evident in their spiritual and human lives. It will be a witness to all that SCJs are here and want to stay.

•  The SCJ Community will bring a strong Eucharistic prayer life to the parish. The liturgy will be attractive and welcoming to all.

•  The SCJ Community will obviously minister to the poor and marginalized. The parish will learn with SCJs to notice great social needs and will respond to them together.

•  The SCJ Community will empower the laity. They will have a role in their Church and the women and the youth of an SCJ parish will be treated with dignity and respect.

•  The SCJ Community will work for justice and peace and the care and concern for creation. It will be in dialogue with other faith and cultures. It will continue to be in dialogue with the local Church.

•  The SCJ Community will teach the faith and develop the spiritual life of the people. As Dehonians, the SCJs will promote vocation to the priesthood and religious life in order to fulfill its mission.”

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