Manila, July 2-21, 2008


Convention Prayer

Lord Jesus, you have called us to be pastors,
to guide and take care of your people,
to be to them visible signs of your infinite love
and mercy.

Help us to be pastors according to your heart.
May our hearts, be like yours, full of gentleness
and compassion, so we may better serve you in
serving our brothers and sisters.

Send us your spirit of wisdom and understanding,
so we may read properly the signs of the times
and be able to respond to the arising needs.

Teach us your ways of looking at the people and
listening to them, so we may discover new, more
effective pastoral ways of reaching out to them.

Help us to be “Good Samaritans”, to be able to
cross-over all the barriers of division, prejudice,
self-interest and misunderstanding, and to be
your instruments of selfless love in bringing the
“Kingdom of God” into reality.

We ask this in your name.

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