Welcome to this Blog where one can find the material and documents for an optimal preparation for the XXII General Chapter in 2009.

Together with the documents there will be the contributions which the confreres would be offering in their personal capacity in view of enriching the discussions. The blog will allow to coordinate, manage and launch all the input that will reach the General Curia in view of the Chapter this is the sense and scope in opening this blog. We think that this will help to circulate ideas, intuitions and suggestions which have the potential of becoming a common patrimony.

There are dates, deadlines and periods programmed for the preparation of the Chapter that need our attention and consideration so that all can evolve and progress in an optimal manner. However the Forum', will remain open till the end of the Chapter so that the richness of the congregation can express itself in an extensive and effective way. Each one of us can contribute with studies concerning the theme of the Chapter with indications of the methods and simple reflections.

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