:: SEMINARIO: "Theologia Cordis" - Alfragide, Portugal 09-14 March 2008 ::



Rome, 26 September 2007

Prot. N. 268/2007

To the Provincial, Regional and District Superiors

Dear Brother in Christ,

Peace and all good in the Lord

You are certainly aware that the General Council has invited the SCJ Theological Commission to convoke a seminar on the Theologia Cordis , which will be held in Lisbon from 9-14 March 2008.

The seminar is intended to respond to the requests for a deeper understanding of the SCJ spirituality, requests that have come from various parts of the congregation, from individual members as well as from the Major Superiors on several occasions, especially during the last General Chapter and the last General Conference in Warsaw .

The committee members feel that the best way to begin this reflection would be to invite the SCJ religious to reflect together in a study seminar on a topic that considers the theology of the heart. The Sacred Heart is broader than the SCJ spirituality, but it is important to begin the reflection on this basis and then continue it with further study and analysis. We hope that Lisbon will give rise to some direction that will help us to proceed in further reflections.

We must point out that this will be a seminar; therefore, we cannot have many participants from diverse areas. This meeting is intended for Dehonian professors of theology, formation personnel, specialists on the topic and those who are studying this specialization. The number of participants cannot exceed fifty (50) because of both the methodology that will be used and the number that can be housed at Alfragide.

Each province, region and district must indicate which persons would be the most suitable to participate in this seminar and start a serious and productive reflection.

For this reason, with this letter we invite the Major Superiors to name the confreres who would be most suitable and we ask you, taking advantage of the meeting that will be held in Rome in just a few weeks, during this meeting to let us know the names of these confreres.

This conference-seminar is very expensive due to the speakers, simultaneous translation and lodging in Alfragide. Each participant is asked to pay 50 Euros a day; the General Curia will pay the rest.

The realization of this seminar is an important event for our congregation to delve deeper into our spirituality.

In Corde Jesu,

P. Gonzalo Arnaiz scj

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